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Open Submission of Caricatures for DAP Socialist Youth to publish a Comic Book onSay No to Fuel Hike


Media Statement
by DAP youth Socialist (DAPSY)

(Kuala Lumpur,Saturday):

Open Submission of Caricatures for DAP Socialist Youth

to publish a Comic Book on

Say No to Fuel Hike


This comic is specifically presented to those who had unquestionably

supported Pak Lah in the last general election, BUT now suffer tremendously due to his Fuel Hike Policy


Objective: To have an avenue for people to air their political and economic grouses through caricatures.


DAPSY will publish the collection of caricatures in both Malay and Mandarin languages. Selected art-works will be published in the Rocket. All contributors will get a token of appreciation.



  1. Public is welcomed to contribute any idea on Fuel Hike caricatures, irrespective of age, gender and race.
  2. The local comic artists will be invited to take part in this event.



  1. The fuel hike saga and its implications.
  2. As an oil producing country, why does the government keep increasing fuel prices? Where did all the money go?
  3. Petronas and the government are reaping off all the profits! Can’t they share the profit with the people?
  4. The government expects us to change our lifestyles to cope with the fuel hike, whereas they themselves and the senior government officers still live luxuriously! What a joke?
  5. Government increases the fuel prices and stops the merchants from making up the losses; Why the double standard?



Rules and regulations:

1.The artists can submit various designs irrespective of size, but the designs must be drawn in black colour. The use of pencil or pen will not be entertained.

2.The organizer reserves the right to use thir work for other purposes.

3.The artists will be paid if their works are selected.

4.The closing date is 19 April 2006.

5.The selection committee will be formed and its decision is final.

6.Contact persons: Ooi Leng Hang 0123639080; Chan Hsi Ling 016-6024110;  Loh Chee Heng 03-92857532.



1.The designs could be posted to DAP Malaysia: 24, Jalan 20/9, 46300 Petaling Jaya, Selangor or email to [email protected], [email protected]; and cc copy to [email protected].

2.The size for the soft copy of the designs should not less than 500kb.



*  DAP Socialist Youth, DAPSY

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