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Health Minister sitting on RM100 millions when critically sick Malaysians are suffering


Media Statement
By Chow Kon Yeow

(Penang, Wednesday): It is shocking news that the new RM100 millions Medical Assistance Fund set up by the Government has not achieved its desired results as only RM6.1 millions had been given out so far.

This is an admission of failure in the Health Ministry’s delivery system.

Needy Malaysians who are disabled or suffering from chronic ailments would be deprived of continuous aid under the Fund unless the Minister takes urgent step to reduce bureaucratic red tapes in the disbursement of aids.

This is a typical Malaysian malaise. Here we have ordinary citizens with chronic ailments seeking public donations through the media but there we have millions stacking up at the Minister’s desk because of the lack of publicity of the fund.

Health Minister Datuk Dr Chua Soi Lek should not give a lame excuse that the fund was left untouched because of the lack of publicity.

Instead he should order a revamp in the delivery system of the said Medical Fund so that money would reach the hands of deserving Malaysians to seek treatment for their chronic ailments.

We hope Datuk Dr Chua would not be still sitting over the RM100 millions and we expect better results the next six months.


*Chow Kon Yeow, DAP National Vice Chairman and Member of Parliament for Tanjong

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