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DAP wishes all Chinese Malaysians a Happy, Healthy, Auspicious and Prosperous Chinese New Year!


Chinese New Year Message
by Lim Guan Eng

(Petaling Jaya, Friday):

DAP wishes all Chinese Malaysians a Happy, Healthy, Auspicious and Prosperous Chinese New Year!

As a multi-racial and multi-religious country, all Malaysians should join in this festive spirit of goodwill, peace and harmony. Traditionally, school-children learn that the Chinese New Year is a celebration of the triumph of good over evil. But in contemporary terms, Chinese Malaysians hope the Year of the Dog can bring happiness, good health and prosperity.

Even though it is up to each individual’s efforts to achieve happiness, good health and prosperity, external factors such as a democratic environment, enlightened policies promoting justice, humane values and efficiency as well as good governance is crucial to its success.

Democracy, justice, respect for human rights, accountability, transparency and good governance are necessary conditions for economic prosperity and well-being. Events over the last few weeks that have shocked the nation have placed some doubts over such commitment when:-

-         9 non-Muslim Ministers were forced to withdraw the memo seeking a review of laws that discriminated and denied the rights of legal remedy of non-Muslims,

-         expected rise in inflation this year if the government carries out its intention to raise water, fuel and electricity rates as well as quit rent and assessment rates despite the profits made by Tenaga and Petronas or the poor performance of local authorities where this will only push inflation past its 7 year high of 3% for 2005.

-         the twin scandals surrounding Proton and Cheras toll collection company Metromac where the RM 510 million investment made by Proton in an Italian motorcycle manufacturer which was sold at only RM 4.50 less than a year later whereas Metromac received a RM 756.7 million government compensation only after there was a change in owners.

The controversy surrounding the dispute over the body of K. Moorthy and the young Chinese woman convert who was not allowed to leave Islam after divorcing her Muslim husband not only questions the right of cultural and religious freedom but also highlights the lack of equal treatment for Malaysians. The Chinese saying that “an oppressive government is more terrifying than a tiger” is as true 2,500 years ago as it is now.

Economic times are difficult for many Malaysians. Chinese Malaysians and Malaysians in general do not mind sharing in the financial burdens provided they are shared equally. More importantly the benefits and fruits of our nation, especially our oil revenues, must also be shared out with all Malaysians. Only by giving equal opportunity and respecting justice, will the traditional Chinese New Year wishes of happiness and prosperity be achieved.

Wishing all Malaysians a Happy Chinese New Yea




* Lim Guan Eng,  DAP Secretary General

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