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Vote for DAP to safeguard our homes and lands



Media Statement

by Chiew Chiu Sing

(Kidurong, Wednesday): DAP calls for amendments to Land Code to provide for automatic renewal of land titles in Sarawak with no renewal premium. It is our homes and lands that is at stake and DAP is firmly behind the interest of the people.

The expiring of land titles upon expiry date has been a shared nightmare of Sarawakians.  Housing, commercial or industrial lands are our fix assets. There is no sense of security and stability in life if there is no guarantee in its continuity.

 How could we plan for the future if the lands we now own are not secured? How could we invest in the future if the lands we own turn out to be the next target of Barisan Nasional’s bulldozer under the guise of “development”?

Don’t be fooled by sandiwara

According to a credible informant, the BN leadership will present renewed titles to some landowners in a media show just before the state goes to poll next week to deflate the negative impact arising from the issue. 

Let me reiterate our stand on the matter that the DAP calls for amendments to Land Code to provides for automatic renewal of land titles with no premium. Anything short of that is merely sandiwara without sincerity.

Under the current system, renewal could cost a hefty sum of money which is unnecessarily burdening the people in an already difficult time. Renewal premium for commercial and industrial lands in urban area ranges from 51 to 75 percent of market price. While the rate for housing land is between 40 and 60 percent of market price.

How could the general Sarawakians afford such a huge premium? Why is the government not prepared to change the heartless and senseless law?   

There are a total of 2,745 titles expiring between 2010 and 2025 in Bintulu while a sum of 87,188 titles expiring during the same period in the entire Sarawak.   

It is time for a total revamp of the current system that provides no sense of security to the people.  

Vote for DAP to safeguard your interests

I have attempted to move a motion to debate the matter in the State Assembly in 2002 but none of the 61 BN assemblymen were prepared to second my motion.

Such is the plight of a sole opposition assemblyman that issues close to the peoples’ hearts see no light of the day due to indifference on the part of BN elected reps. 

I have also attempted to raise the issue in an emergency motion on the State Assembly Sitting on 20 April 2006 but it was unfortunately turned down by the Speaker.

I urge Sarawakians to vote for more opposition candidates to safeguard our homes and lands.

Enough is enough! Sarawak deserves better!


*  Chiew Chiu Sing, DAP candidate for Kidurong

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