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Chan Seng Khai shall not participate in the election if he continues to fail to address various issues in Batu Lintang as he is also the Mayor of Kuching Selatan



Media Statement

by Voon Lee Shan

(Batu Lintang, Thursday): Chan Seng Khai is a three-term Batu Lintang ADUN. His mayorship is also entering into its fourth year, still there are squatters problem and other problems concerning the livelihood of the people in Batu Lintang.

Campaigning for a better homeland does not actually fit with what he had done for Batu Lintang in the past.


Chan Seng Khai is the ADUN for Batu Lintang since the State election in 1991, but it is most regrettable that he is not only failing to carry out various development projects in Batu Lintang, but he is also claiming credit that he has carried out all the projects during his tenure as Batu Lintang ADUN.


George Chan with the knowledge of Chan Seng Khai, had once said that he managed to secure a development fund of RM60 million. I had on the other day openly challenge Chan to come clear of the details of this RM 60 million development fund. Else, whatever credit claiming from him on development are all meaningless blank talks!


I myself is a resident in Batu Lintang and I can see with my own eyes that there is not even one single Post Office, Government Clinic, schools or even children playground built in Batu Lintang for the past 15 years.


On the other hand, Kampung Kudei in Batu Lintang has become the most infamous squatter area in Batu Lintang. The area signifies the failure of Chan Seng Khai to develop atu Lintang as there are no electricity supplies in this area. There are not even proper roads in this area as folks have to depend on wooden track to walk from one house to another. Are these what Chan Seng Khai means as development? Are there what he means as “homeland”?


It is my opinion that in order to fully develop Batu Lintang, the machineries of MBKS must be running. Town planning and maintenance officers of MBKS must work around the clock to resolve all deep-rooting problems of public amenities in Batu Lintang, including roads re-surfacing, clogging drains (which will cause the outbreak of dengue),

providing electricity supply and relocations of squatters. As the Mayor of Kuching Selatan, it is totally mind-boggling to notice that all these problems still exist four years after Chan Seng Khai took over the mayorship, as the Mayor should be able to take good care of his own constituency.


The reason to explain this is that even though Chan Seng Khai is the mayor, he does not hold the actual executive power. Or if this is due to the heavy workload he has to bear when he is the ADUN for Batu Lintang while at the same time holding the portfolio of Kuching Selatan Mayor, he would rather concentrate his effort on his work as mayor before he contest for Batu Lintang.




*  Voon Lee Shan, DAP candidate for Batu Lintang

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