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Malaysians in other states place their hope on Sarawakians to teach Barisan Nasional Government a lesson



Media Statement

by Ronnie Liu

(Petaling Jaya, Wednesday): Many have predicted that come 20 May, 2006, the incumbent Barisan Nasional Sarawak will certainly once again rule with a landslide majority, probably leaving just a few seats to DAP and other opposition parties.

Such result, if returned as predicted, will certainly prove to be disastrous not only to Sarawakians in particular, but also Malaysians in general.

That is simply because Malaysians in other states are placing their hope with their brothers and sisters in Sarawak to teach the BN Government a lesson with their votes. That will send a loud and clear message to the BN Government leaders that Malaysians are very disappointed with their performance and arrogance.

Malaysians in general have every reason not to feel happy with the Abdullah Administration. BN leaders have failed to “walk the talk” besides irresponsibly allowed petrol, diesel and gas prices to go up sharply, causing much damage to the national economy and bringing sufferings and financial hardship to the people in the streets.

And there are no indications that the BN Government would care for the welfare and interest of the rakyat, and to carry out the so-called “inside BN reforms”.

The Shahrir Saga where “MPs with the ruling parties are not allowed to vote according to their conscience” reflects the hypocritical nature of the PM Abdullah  Administration.

All the nice-sounding and impressive phrases like “ Speak the truths. Nothing but the truths”, “ Work with me. Don’t work for me”, “ We want world-class performance, not third-world mentality” …have all gone out of the window! They have since been replaced by catch-phrases like “ Toe the party line”, “ Follow the whip”, “ Close one eye”…

On the other hand, the Ninth Malaysian Plan (9MP) which was launched recently on the surface favours only the Malays; but in actual fact, it will continue to stifle the creativity, drive and the desire to excel among the Malay community while denying the rights and opportunities of other Non-Malay communities. In short, the 9MP will end up “lose-lose” for all the communities, benefiting only the ruling elites and their cronies. The nation, as a whole, will not be able to progress under the tidal waves of globalization.

The hope of finding a Justice Pao in PM Abdullah is now completely crushed. And the hope for police reform is also crushed now that the possibility of establishing the much needed IPCMC looks more like a mission impossible. The talk of setting up an ombudsman is nothing but mere talk.

More and more Malaysians have given up on PM Abdullah. Some of us have stopped calling him Pak Lah. Thanks to his “flip-flop” behavior, many Malaysians now see him as a “ weak” leader.  In no time, he may even be downgraded as a “bad” leader.

Yes, many of the problems troubling Abdullah now were actually created by his former boss (Crooked Bridge, cracked flyovers, unusable hospitals, collapsed computer labs, unfinished prisons, just to name a few). But no one should forget that Abdullah, as the former deputy prime  minister, is very much part of the old regime.

Coming back to the BN Sarawakian leaders. What Pehin Taib Mahmud has contributed to Sarawakians over the last 25 years as Chief Minister speaks very little for the ageing politician. The oil-rich Sarawak under him did not progress very much. Much of the resources harnessed in the state were used for developing other Federal states. He should not have led this Sarawak state elections campaign in the first place. He should have called it a day after all these years of mismanagement of state funds and poor governance.

But several BN leaders are now shamelessly talking about zero opposition. They are looking for a clean sweep. Even the lone DAP seat Kidurong will not be spared. Only the voters have the power to block their advances and greed.

Enough is enough. We urge our brothers and sisters in Sarawak to cast their votes to teach the arrogant Barisan Nasional Government a lesson. A stronger opposition would certainly serve the interest of the Sarawakian people. For greater checks and balances. For justice, freedom and democracy.

Say NO to BN (Barang Naik)! Sarawak deserves  better.


* Ronnie Liu Tian Khiew, DAP NGO Bureau Chief

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