Ahmad Nor – a far-sighted and visionary leader

Ahmad Nor Memorial Night
by Kerk Kim Hock

(Petaling Jaya, Wednesday): Ladies and gentlemen, comrades and friends, thank you for being here tonight to pay tribute to the late Sdr Ahmad Nor---symbol of Bangsa Malaysia.

It has been slightly over a month since the demise of Sdr. Ahmad Nor, a well-loved and respected DAP leader. Undoubtedly, the passing of Ahmad Nor is a loss deeply felt by all who know him, his family members who are with us tonight, his comrades and friends , both within and outside the DAP.

Ahmad Nor was truly a far-sighted and visionary leader. This is clearly evident right from his days with the CUEPACS and subsequently, his political involvement with the DAP. His exemplary leadership qualities saw him being elected as one of the party’s vice-chairmen many times with high votes.

Ahmad Nor had a friendly and likeable personality, besides being a powerful communicator who impressed his audience from different races. In fact, I can remember that Ahmad Nor was always a popular speaker for branch dinners simply due to his ability to impart his political messages with his simple yet powerful way of delivery.

He did not shy away from controversy and was not afraid to speak out on issues of democracy, justice and human rights. Thus, he was able to contribute positively not just to the party but also to nation building.

Inside the Party, Ahmad Nor had always shown his readiness to speak his mind. But as a disciplined person, he always proved that he was also a dedicated team player.

Ahmad Nor gave a Malay face to the DAP which was sorely lacking. Apart from being a top Malay leader in the party, he was also the first Malay leader of the DAP who was elected as a Member of Parliament. This significant milestone was recorded in the 1990 general election when he won the Bayan Baru parliamentary seat.

As a cancer patient myself, I certainly understand and empathize with the pain and agony that Ahmad Nor’s wife and family had gone through when he was stricken with lung cancer. His demise is a loss for sure but I believe they can rest in the comfort that Ahmad Nor’s life has been a well-lived one.

Indeed, Sdr. Ahmad Nor will always be fondly remembered for his many years of tireless contributions as well as for his comradeship.

Let me end by saying that although Ahamd Nor was not able to see his dream of a truly united , progressive , equal and just Malaysia come true before his demise, his sacrifices have strengthened the foundations of the battle to achieve such a dream.

His exemplary life will be a source of inspiration to all of us, particularly the younger generation, to strive harder for the Malaysian Dream.


* Kerk Kim Hock,  DAP Secretary General & MP for Kota Melaka