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For over 40 years, DAP has been standing in the forefront promoting and defending democracy, freedom, human rights, justice and public accountability.

DAP has burnt brightest with our willingness to apply the same standards we demand to uphold our principles. Despite many setbacks and challenges, including the loss of personal liberty and sacrifices of many of our leaders, we believe we have made a positive difference towards nation-building and making Malaysia a better place for all

We are hopeful that you share our values and ideals of democracy, social justice, freedom, dignity and equal opportunity for all Malaysians. Your generous contribution and involvement would assist the DAP in carrying on this commitment for you.

Things you can do to help DAP:
Pledge your support for DAP’s campaigns online or contact us to find out how you can actually help;
Join as a member! Help DAP in our task of transforming Malaysia into a just and democratic country;
Donate to DAP and help us fund our future campaigns;
Register as a voter so that you don’t miss out on your chance to vote DAP.

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